Pioneer Christian Family is an A.C.C. Affiliated Church , located on the Corner of Augusta and Maud Street's Mirani in the Pioneer Valley west of Mackay.




1. The Bible is the inspired and infallible WORD of GOD (2Tim3:15-16, 2Pet1:21)

2. In ONE God, eternal, in 3 Persons; Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. (Deut9:4, Matt29:19, Mk12:29, Jn17:22)

3. In the virgin Birth of Christ Jesus, His atoning death, bodily Resurrection & Ascension. (Is7:14, Rom8:34, Act1:10)

4. In SALVATION only through the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. (1Jn5:10, Rom10:13-15)

5. In water Baptism by immersion. (Matt28:19)

6. In divine Healing through the redemptive work of CHRIST on the CROSS. (Is53:4, Matt8:16-17, Jam5:13-14)

7. In the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, with evidence of Speaking in Tongues. (Act2:4, 10:44-46, 15:8-9)

8. In the Sanctifying Power of the Holy Spirit who ENABLES believers to live Holy lives. (Heb12:14, 1Pet1:15-16)

9. In the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. (Act24:15,Lk14:14, Rev19:7-9)



Service Times

9:30am Sunday

6:30pm Sunday

Men's Prayer 8am Tuesday

Refresh Extra 10am Thursday



The Church Vision

BRINGING ONE, Winning ONE; One Soul at a time (Mk5:19, Lk10:2)

REACHING the Pioneer Valley for the Kingdom of GOD.

EQUIPPING the Saints for the Work of the Ministry. (Eph4:11-13)

BEING of ONE ACCORD (Phil2:1-5)

Jesus said, "Iwill Build My Church" by; reaching out to everyone no matter who they are. Jesus has a Plan for Our Lives if we are

OPENING our Hearts to Him. (Matt 16:18)

BUILDING a Friendly, Caring, Loving Church.

MINISTERING to Children, Youth and Adults through "Happy Kids", "Youth Crew", "Mirani Youth Gathering", Worship, Prayer, Preaching, Refresh, Bible Study & Special Events.

PREPARING for INCREASE; "I see much increase and growth in those who are MOVING into their GIFTINGS- both Young & Old".

We love you and care for you.

Ps. Paul & Helen



Postal Address:- P.O. Box 99 Mirani Qld 4754

Pastor:- Paul Frangos

Phone:- 0749591134

Donations:- Pioneer Christian Family BSB 084687 A/C 648843406

ABN 92385567410

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